Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jewelry purchases in America

Jewelry purchases are increasing in leaps and bounds with Americans spending over $50 billion each year on such items as jewelry and watches. Instead of spending hours going through malls and scouting out the perfect earrings and necklaces, consumers can shop for jewelry in the comfort of their own homes.

When shopping for jewelry, it's important to have an understanding of the fundamental materials and stones. The following information should be of help with your purchase:

Materials: Yellow Gold - Pure gold (24 kt. gold) is too soft to use in jewelry, so it is combined with silver to form a metal mixture consisting of 14 kt. gold.

White Gold - White gold is has no color and won't tarnish, and is usually a mixture of gold and nickel.

Sterling Silver - Silver is too soft for use in jewelry, so silver is combined with 7.5% of other metals (usually copper) to produce sterling silver.

Platinum - A gorgeous silver-white color, platinum occurs as an alloy in nature. It's tarnish-resistant qualities and durability make it a favorite material for fine jewelry.

Gemstones: There are a wide variety of gemstones in jewelry. There are everything from diamonds to garnets and emeralds to sapphires. Gemstones add glitter to all kinds of jewelry from earrings to rings. Numerous jewelers use simulated gemstones which offer the sparkle of the "real thing" at a far lesser price.

Birthstones: Jewelry that uses birthstones is an enduring favorite, specially when given as a gift. The following gemstones and colors are associated with each birthday month: January: Garnet (dark red) February: Amethyst (purple) March: Aquamarine (pale blue) April: Diamond (starlight) May: Emerald (light green) June: Pearl, White (pearlescent) July: Ruby (red) August: Peridot (pale green) September: Sapphire, Blue (deep blue) October: Opal (moonlight) November: Citrine (yellow) December: Topaz, Blue (sky blue)

Trends Having the latest jewelry trends is helpful when buying fine jewelry for yourself or as a gift. For example, this season, celebrities are wearing ear pins and ear cuffs both on and off the red carpet. . Whether made from gold or silver, ear cuffs add that pizzaz required to make you stand out and feel beautiful.

When choosing earrings or necklaces with gemstones, the key this season is to combine colors for maximum effect. For example, pair a deep blue with garnet, or purple with medium green.

Online Shopping When shopping for fine jewelry online, be sure to click on to a reputable site.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Aceh Traditional Jewelry

Aceh is one country in Sumatera Island.
This is one sample off Aceh Jewelry.The name is pinto  Aceh.Do you like its?
If you like, you can came to Aceh and buy it or order from me :)

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sun Drop, The Giant Diamond From South Africa - $12,3m

A rare yellow diamond known as the Sun-Drop has sold at auction in Geneva for just over $12.3m. Sotheby's auctioneer David Bennett said the sum - paid by an anonymous telephone bidder - set a world record for a yellow diamond. Discovered in South Africa last year, it was sold by New York-based Cora International.